Monday, October 13, 2008

Member Spotlight: Abby Chase Designs

Name: Mandy
Store: Abby Chase Designs
What three words describe your design style? Fun, sweet, innocent (all the things that describe children)
What's your favorite thing to sew/create? My favorite thing to create is definitely children's clothing. I love the creative design process, but I what I love even more is the look on my girls' faces when I ask them to try it on. It is the most rewarding part of designing.
How did you get started crafting? It runs in my blood. I have been crafting since early childhood. I have always been drawn to handmade items. I started designing clothing and accessories a few years ago, when I was expecting my fourth baby. It was very inspiring and helped take my mind of the pregnancy.
What inspires you? My children and my surroundings inspire me. I have four girls and they are ever changing. When they are drawn to certain colors or textures, it inspires me further.
What craft have you always wanted to try but haven't? Smocking has always been something that I would love to try, but I haven't found enough brainpower left over after the day to learn something new.
What's your favorite thing about being a part of Etsy? The community on Etsy is my absolute favorite. There is no other community like it!
Check out Mandy's featured listing (shown above), Playful Petals.


Pink Lemonade Bags said...

Great interview Mandy! That set is so cute1

wondermommy said...

Beautiful set! I loved learning more about you.

Priddy Creations said...

I have enjoyed reading more about Mandy! I have always been a fan of her work.